Attach Your Camera To…. Anything

Home-made Camera TripodsIt is not a secret that I am a big fan of using 1/4″ bolts on just about anything to create ad-hoc tripods.

However, this one by Brian Green tops them all.

Brian is the type of guy that hikes, bikes and generally enjoys the good life (I mean the really good life, not the ones that you enjoy on the couch watching Lost).

Brian used some parts from a bicycle tail light to create a rig that will mount on his bicycle handle bars. This alone is a cool concept as it will allow Brian to take great videos of him riding, as well as some great POV and slow shutter speed shots.

But, this does not end here. With this device, you can attach a P&S to almost anything. Remember the aerial tripod? this will convert any stick to an instant high-above-the-planet image taking device.

I am also thinking flash mounting device on door handles, bars and what not.

As a side bonus from reading Brian’s blog, I got to know the stickpic – a tripod that get attached to your walking stick. If you’re a hiker – you are going to love it.