At My Home Photo Contest – Q & A

At My Home Photo Contest At My Home photo contest is starting today. I wanted to take a minute and answer some contest related questions. Just before I do so, I’d like to remind everyone that DIYP and America At Home will give 5 personalized America At Home photo albums to the lucky talented winners.

When can I start submitting my pictures?

Right now.

Can overseas photographers participate in the contest?

Of course. The contest is by no means limited to US participants. The Automated ordering procedure at America at Home site is currently limited to US addresses only, but you can: 1. send the book to someone in the US and pick it up from them, or have them send it to you or 2. Send to a US address we will supply and they will forward the book with no extra charge.

How many of the pictures in America At Home are pro and how many are amateurs?

According to Rick Sloman who master minded the America At Home project about 10% were taken by amateurs. That means that more about 25 pictures in the book were taken by camera enthusiasts and aspiring photographers like you and me.

Where was the logo picture for the contest taken?

The image was taken in Sinai a place that was like a vacation home for my family for a long time. In the picture you see the place where we slept for our stay there. It is a small hut walled with straw called HUSHA by the locals.

Do I have to take the picture indoors?

Not at all. You can take it wherever you feel like home, or at any part of your home.

What are you looking for in a submission?

We are looking for pictures that covey your feeling of home. Be it a special place, event or person that make the place you live in feel like home.

– Is this contest for strictly amateurs and hobbyists, or for all levels of photographers?

The contest is open to all and any photographer that has a say about his home. Pros amateurs and hobbyists alike.

– I can not see my photo in the link that displays all contest photos.

Please make sure that your photo is tagged with "atmyhome" and "DIYP" and submitted to the DIYP pool. If you still can not see the picture in the link, please ping me. It seems that the images you view depend on the user used to log in to flickr.

To submit a picture to the contest, simply add it to the DIYP photo pool and tag it with "DIYP" and "atmyhome". You can (see all the submission here).

I’m looking forward to seeing the great pictures taken by everyone,

– udi