Arrange Your Photo Gear In A Cutlery Tray

Flickr user Stargazer95050 found a neat way to organize his photo gear in a drawer.

Using the grooves bumps and slits of a cutlery tray the lenses, bodies, strobes and other accessories lay safely in place.

Home, Sweet Home

Here is how Andy describes it:

“Initially, I stored most of my stuff inside the photo bag. Ready to go anytime !!

As the volume of my gear grew, I shuffled things around, storing some of the stuff on my shelves.

Over the time, this got really messy and so NOW I ripped up most of the shelves and cabinets in my office & living room and totally reorganized things (adding more cabinets). Still not yet done — but it really is taking shape now !!

And I want to add an AC extension cord into the drawers, so I finally can store & recharge the batteries in-place.

The ONLY thing still stored inside its boxes / storage containers is the telescope & accessories. That is way too heavy to be stored in a casual drawer !!”

Andy also suggest using a IKEA DIODER to add LED light to the drawer without the need for additional wiring.