An open letter to Canon – Calling Out Vincent Laforet

I don’t really know how to tag this short here, but after yesterday’s announcement on the MoVI I thought it would be right to bring some counter opinion.

This two years old short by Doug Bayne is there to remind us that it is not enough to buy $1818 worth of a 60D and a 1.4 50mm lens, or a $15,000 MoVI to make a good film.


h/t to sinisterbrain

  • Matias Gonua


  • KGB

    But everyone knows that La Whatshisnane is just a paid Canon mouthpiece pretending to do “objective” reviews… of Canon products.

    His opinion is of little importance or relevance except to the Canon fanboys.

  • Vincent Laforet

    For the record I found this so funny that I’m the one who tweeted it years ago and helped it go viral… It’s hilarious! Best – vincent laforet

    • udi tirosh

      Great to see you here Vincent.
      Good humor indeed.

    • Gyula Halasz

      Another “For the record” comments!?!!?….Still don’t get it do you Vincent?!?! I think we know it’s hilarious without you telling us. Please don’t go down the same pretentious road Chase Jarvis has gone down by posting insecure comments…..Thanks, The stil & motion community

    • KGB

      Why am I not surprised to see a comment by you…
      Take credit for someone else’s work.
      Lame. Very lame…

  • Rick

    What a doofus. He bought the wrong camera. The 60D doesn’t come with the Magic Movie Mode. You have to go to a much more expensive model to get that. :P

    • John Hagar

      Built in on Nikons ;-O

  • Huh?

    Who’s Vincent Laforet?

    (It’s a joke…..sheesh)