An open letter to Canon – Calling Out Vincent Laforet

I don’t really know how to tag this short here, but after yesterday’s announcement on the MoVI I thought it would be right to bring some counter opinion.

This two years old short by Doug Bayne is there to remind us that it is not enough to buy $1818 worth of a 60D and a 1.4 50mm lens, or a $15,000 MoVI to make a good film.


h/t to sinisterbrain

  • Matias Gonua


  • KGB

    But everyone knows that La Whatshisnane is just a paid Canon mouthpiece pretending to do “objective” reviews… of Canon products.

    His opinion is of little importance or relevance except to the Canon fanboys.

  • Vincent Laforet

    For the record I found this so funny that I’m the one who tweeted it years ago and helped it go viral… It’s hilarious! Best – vincent laforet

    • udi tirosh

      Great to see you here Vincent.
      Good humor indeed.

    • Gyula Halasz

      Another “For the record” comments!?!!?….Still don’t get it do you Vincent?!?! I think we know it’s hilarious without you telling us. Please don’t go down the same pretentious road Chase Jarvis has gone down by posting insecure comments…..Thanks, The stil & motion community

      • John

        Do you actually know what insecure means? To post that you yourself beat a pretentious blog to their post about you 2 years earlier and that you find it funny is not insecure. For the Record is actually a journalistic phrase. Laforet was a journalist and shared a Pulitzer prize even. By definition that’s actually very confident. What is insecure is putting them down because your jealous of their success and must resort to calling them names under the guise of moral superiority. Thanks myself (since I don’t speak for everyone in this community obviously or we would all have the same user id.)

    • KGB

      Why am I not surprised to see a comment by you…
      Take credit for someone else’s work.
      Lame. Very lame…

  • Rick

    What a doofus. He bought the wrong camera. The 60D doesn’t come with the Magic Movie Mode. You have to go to a much more expensive model to get that. 😛

    • John Hagar

      Built in on Nikons ;-O

  • Huh?

    Who’s Vincent Laforet?

    (It’s a joke…..sheesh)