The Amusing/Horrifying Texts Between Photojournalists And Their Editors

A brand new Tumblr account has emerged in the last two weeks. Simply named “Photo Editor Texts” the Tumblr shares the amusing texts between photojournalists on assignment and their editors back in the office.

Ah, Tumblr, you a place of wonderment. Between the amazing photography related blogs (such as Zack Arias’ now retired 1,500 Q&A Tumblr) and amazing photo projects shared there, it’s a wonder I get much work done at all. But theres also a whole lot of ‘shipping of fictional characters and even more fan-love toward Supernatural and Dr Who, plenty of amusing cat gifs, and some genuinely hilarious people. Occasionally, you come across an amusing little project like this one.

Have you ever thought about becoming a photojournalist? I have, more than once, and even contemplated applying for internships. There is something glamorous when I think about hectic days traveling about capturing the best and worst of people and events in my local area, meeting and interacting with hundreds, if not thousands, of people each year, and, let’s be honest, the chance to get paid to go photograph concerts or football. Not to mention having someone else buy all your gear!

My godfather was a photojournalist and editor at my local paper and I had the chance to go to work with him more than once during school holidays when I was younger. Amusing stories like those shared on this Tumblr do not surprise me in the slightest. I feel if he had been working during the time of smartphone texts, he would probably feature on this site often!

I highly recommend you check out this Tumblr page. Speaking of which, what other Tumblr’s can you recommend to both fellow DIYP readers and myself?

[Via Fro Knows Photo | Texts from Photo Editor Texts.]