Amazônia Manauara Is A Beautiful Time Lapse Of Manaus / Amazon

We share our cut of beautiful time lapse movies. Some grab our attention more than others. Like this beautiful time lapse of Manaus / Amazon by Moov.

Some of the hyper lapse sequences seem impossible to make, until you discover that MOOV uses multi rotors in creating their hyper lapses. (it is a first for me, but I guess we will see more and more of those).

Amazônia Manauara Is A Beautiful Time LApse of the Manaus / Amazon

The movie was filmed entirely on a Canon 5DmkIII which goes to show what a huge leap DSLRs have made. It was only a few year ago that you needed a chopper to make such a film.

As usual, sit back, hit the volume dial all the way up and go to full screen before hitting the jump.

P.S. stay tuned as a making of video is about to be shared soon.

[Amazônia Manauara | MOOV]