ALES Protocol: Pictures of an Action Figure Taken Like it’s an Astronaut on Another Planet


Are you looking at the poster of a new Bungie-developed game? A film by Neill Blomkamp? Or Neill Armstrong himself? Nope. Reddit user el_chivo recently posted up pictures by one of his friends of a project that’s incredibly simple, and incredibly creative.


If you’re a sci-fi geek like me, you’ll appreciate the work this photographer does. Titled ALES Protocol, this is a project that documents the life of a little astronaut discovering our big world. As his adventure continues, we’re treated with some pretty neat pictures of him that take us back to a style reminiscent of sci-fi epics like Elysium and Halo.


With the scale of the figure so small in comparison to the grass and rocks in the ground its on, the photo literally almost looks like it’s from a different planet. This was achieved through some very well done tilt-shift photography, and the post-processing done afterwards is just the right amount to turn these pictures into something cinematic and consistent.






You can follow the story of this little dude at his page, and don’t forget to check out some other work by the photographer, Chibicha, at his Flickr!

  • CB2001

    Nice! It reminds me of the work of Michael Paul Smith’s Elgin Park and Mark Hogancamp’s Marwencol. Can’t wait to see how this progresses.

  • womppp

    What good composition, lighting, filter, landscape can do for a subject.

    Great work. Keep it up.

  • Krupa

    I’ve seen similar things but this one is by far the best one. Looks so real

  • chibcha

    Thank you for the post! I’m now working in new photos to continue the story

  • Bridger

    Check out @santlov on instagram. He has some really sweet photos but with a ton of different characters.