AJA Enters the Competition with its 4K UHD Cion


AJA is one of the most respected names in the video production business, and their presence at the NAB Show was bound to bring about high expectations. With the announcement of their newest video camera, it looks like they intend to deliver. At their keynote presentation, alongside a variety of mid and high-range products, AJA introduced the Cion.

Described as a “Steve Jobs-like keynote” by Studio Daily, there was a big sense of hype present as the president of AJA Video Systems was leading up to the announcement of the Cion. So what does this camera bring onto the table?


Weighing in at 6 pounds, the magnesium-bodied Cion is designed with a traditional ENG look; the feel of this system was met with praise at the event itself. But the most significant aspects of this camera are what it has packed inside. The Cion comes with a 4K CMOS sensor, a PL mount, manual back-focus adjustment, and a global shutter. It basically has about the same specifications that we’ve been getting from this year’s flagship camera systems: 12 stops of dynamic range, 120fps in AJA Raw, 60fps in ProRes 422 and 444, and you get the idea.

With how massive 4K video already is, more focus is being put this year into ensuring that we get the best possible quality out of every pixel in the 4K cameras that get released. And AJA intends to accomplish that goal by gearing towards a ProRes workflow.

For me, however, the price is the biggest thing about this camera. At $9000, this camera is about half of what its market’s competitors charge for their systems. It’s another example of how much change the photography market is going through. Prices are dropping, and that is bring out more and more creativity every year. It’s an exciting time to be a photographer right now, and hopefully this doesn’t stop.

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