Advanced Primer To Monitor Calibration

Have you ever had a photo that looked great on your monitor but looked like crap when you got the final print? The colors looked nothing like what you intended.

Advanced Primer To Monitor Calibration

Assuming that the printing service did ok, there is a good chance that the difference came from either you or the print shop were using uncalibrated gear. If you use a serious service, their gear is probably calibrated, which means that it is your monitor calibration to blame.

Tom’s hardware is sharing a great tutorial that will take you through the theoretic part of monitor calibration and then will help you get your monitor to show up calibrated color:

  • The first part explains how to calibrate a monitor using Spyder4 Elite (which we reviewed here)
  • The second part, which I would actually read first gives a solid background on the terms and importance of each step in the calibration process.
    This part also gives some basic calibration tools even if you don’t want to spend $250 on calibrating hardware. Kinda like poor-mans calibration which is still better than no calibration at all.

You can go ahead and calibrate your monitor be following the steps here: Display Calibration – 101: Step-By-Step With Datacolor’s Spyder4Elite; 201: The Science Behind Tuning Your Monitor.

[via FastDrill]