Adobe Previews New Photoshop Tools Coming To Creative Cloud – Look For Focus Masks


Adobe just started hinting on their next batch of releases for CC cloud coming up on the 18th, and a quick poke around youtube discovered this video revealing one of the new tools coming to Photoshop CC.

The video not only hints at the new feature, but fully demonstrates the new tool that allows the “automatic selection based off of pixels that are in focus verses out of focus.”
Check out Adobe’s video after the jump…

The new selection process allows photographers and designers to either easily select in-focus subjects to streamline to allow for easy editing of either the subject or, as in the video, the background, opening many opportunities to the photographer. All in all, this allows for a faster editing process when trying achieving desired effects. The video further demonstrates the ability to refine this selection process easily, even around hair, to achieve accurate results in little time.

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  • PapaSnarf

    Cannot wait.

  • Scott Madrigal

    I think their new ad campaign should just read

    Adobe Photoshop
    It’s just magic!

    Seriously how in the heck do they program this stuff?