About Photography, Failure And Success – An Inspirational Video

So. What does it take to be a successful photographer? This, I guess, is a question that bugs (or bugged) you if you are in the field. More specifically, what does it take to be a successful working photographer.

While everyone probably have their own take about it, an interview with a few names you may have heard about reveals that many shares a similar view on what makes a successful photographer.

Surprisingly (or not), none of them talk gear. And almost every single one talks about commitment and balls.

This video shot by Fstoppers’s Lee Morris and Patrick Hall while they were doing the BTS coverage over at 2013 Gulf Photo Plus. It is full of inspiration, love and some hard truths. bewarned, it may just give you that final push you did not even know you needed.

[Success in Photography From Gulf Photo Plus 2013 | Fstoppers]

  • jay

    15 boys and not a single girl. Is that a GPP thing?

  • manuela

    Interesting. The “music” isn’t helping, though.

  • michel

    Amazingly inspiring! Thanx for creating this!!!