A4 Sheet Fold Me Lumiquest

122/365Lumiquest has a pretty nice solution for diffusing on (or off) camera strobes by dressing them with a small and light weight softbox.

Reader Julian Schüngel came up with a similar device that can be constructed from one A4 sheet of paper (and kicks the crap out of my similar design that needs 6 sheets). Oh yea, it has build in barn doors too.

Now, while the side panels still emit light this can be easily corrected by turning them black, which Jullian indeed added for version #2.

Click the image below to see the full tut complete with sizes and detailed instructions on Julian photostream

DIY Flash Softbox (+3 in comments)

The second version tut is in the following picture. It uses some extra paper and one more square cut of the front, but it eliminates the light spill.


  • alex

    would i still use this if i can point my flash up?