A Portrait Trio – 1 Jim, 1 Model and 1 Light

A portrait trioPro Photo Life is a site to adore. Jim features videos, business articles and Lighting and studio techniques and plain fun.

His latest installment is a video showing three basic lighting techniques using just one light. Rembrandt lighting, Butterfly lighting and Edge lighting. All really easy to set up and will give three very distinct and diverse looks. Read on and watch the video.

If you’ll watch closely, you’ll see that Jim is using his 2 cents concrete reflectors stands for shooting portraits as well as still life. For me it means that they look slick enough to be used in a professional session.

While Jim uses a studio light, his techniques can easily be adopted to a strobe and a shoe mount, just like all of us strobist fans use.

This is also a great opportunity to send everyone to Jim’s video gallery – Videos are short simple and packed with useful info.