A Portable Golf Cart On-Location Studio

If you go out on location alone you know that one of the more frustrating things are the walks back and from the car hauling gear. The other thing is that you have to reposition the lights yourself.

A Portable Golf Cart On-Location Studio

Photographer Joseph Philbert was inspired by Peter Nguyen with a clever way to solve one and ease on the other. He uses a golf cart both as a personal U-haul and a self contained mini studio with batteries, light stands, modifiers and wheels.

Here is what makes it easy, Joseph uses a BagBoy golf cart since the frames tapers in a way which makes it easy to mount a grip head on. Joseph uses the D800 Avenger kit which has both the grip and the arm.

It is stable enough to support an Alien Bee with a modifier with a Vagabond battery pack without breaking sweat. But the construction is also sturdy enough to support a second arm with a YN560 if the need for a second light arises (see a demo in the video).

Here is a video describing the process of making such a cart

and here is a close up on the Avenger grip mounting “welded” to the cart.

A Portable Golf Cart On-Location Studio

P.S. If it is too painful for you to abuse a perfectly good golf cart, there is always the option of abusing a baby stroller instead.

[Golfcart Portable Light Stand via ISO 1200]