A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

When I get asked what’s the first thing an HD shooter should get to boost production value, I usually say a slider. But things are changing and light weight jibs are starting to emerge and take the spot of the first thing you may wanna buy for added production value.

A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

DSLR devices makes the MK4 for about $350 and Zolinger makes the coveted ZP1800 for $750. Both would be a good start in the jib world. Chad Bredahl made a DIY jib – The RotoRig – that is not only travel friendly, but also doubles as a shoulder rig and a hand held jib. (which used with the IS-enabled 18-55 Canon kit lens is way more stable that what I would have thought possible).

To make his point Chad made a short movie made entirely with jib/shoulder rig shots using the RotoRig.

RotoRig sneak peak

What I like about this, aside from the fact that Chad says it only costs $50 to build and that the process sis quite easy, is the fact that this jib actually save you one tool as a videographer. If you travel, you can put it in your backpack and use it as a jib or as a shoulder rig.

As for the parts list, you can get it all withought leaving your house: 2 Targus Digital monopods held by Ground Clamps and various brackets for shelves and flower boxes are the main components. Pretty resourcefull.

Chad says that the how to is coming soon so stay tuned to the krotoflik channel over the next week. Till then. here are a few views on the RotoRig:


A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig


A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

Shoulder Rig

A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

Hand Held Jib

A Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

Strength of One – The RotoRig in action

BTW, Chad is also the maker of a bigger jib – the KrotoCrane – which we featured before.

UPDATE: you guys nuked the monopod stock on Amazon and bounced the price to $17 a monopod. Our experience is that when that happens, prices go back down after a while once the same store regains stock. Till that happens you can still get the tipods for $10 at Walmart.