A Passionate Film Project (And Cool Prizes Too)

Brian Auer has a passion – old skool film photography. His passion, as most passions are, is contagious. If you have not caught the Film virus yet, Brian came up with a project to help you get some film inspiration going.

The $50 Film Camera is one of those projects that is real easy to get involved in. all you have to do is shoot some rolls of film with a film camera of under 50$, post your pictures, and a camera review and you are in. (Don’t forget to submit your review link).

Although the sheer experience of shooting film and writing a review is a prize of it’s own, Brian got two awesome sponsors for this project: Ilford (Yep, the guys who make those sweet Black & White films) and Lomography (Yep, the guys behind the action sampler which I like so much) – So the winner will receive a nifty (as in fifties slang nifty) Diana+ Lomo camera and a bunch of Ilford Black & White films to go along with his brand new camera.

Brian has asked me to co-judge this contest (along with Jim Talkinton), and by this "ruined" my submission. So, just for funzies, I am posting an image taken with my Lomo Action Sampler, just one year ago. Please forgive the fuzziness.

My Daughter Playing With A Pool Ball

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