A Little Somthing For The Road

something_for_the_roadCommuting sucks!! Any objections? No? OK. Let’s see how we can make commuting rock.

The time it gets me to go to work varies. If I snooze three times and then turn the buzzer off spend some quality-coffee-time on the morning with my wife, I am bound to hit the traffic time. That means that taking my daughter to kinder garden takes 20 minutes by car (5 minutes if I jump start on the first sound of the alarm clock). Wait it gets better. Going from there to work will now take some 45-50 minutes (15-17 minutes, if I was an early bird and prepared my clothing on the previous night).

For a long while I used to hear a hilarious morning show (fun) or the news (boring crap). Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve hit the jackpot as far as turning my commuting time to something great.

Three days ago I found out about the Light Source podcast, and don’t they rock!!! (Hint: this is not really a question.

So I got some podcasts on my Sansa (sorry Steve), and got to my (un)usual morning routine. Kid: 20 minutes, nothing new. Work: 45 minutes, nothing new. Sound: Light Source podcast, WOW!

I have to say, listening to the good folks on Light Source made the difference for me. Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden are pleasant interviewers. Asking the right questions and spend most of the time listening – that means that they are giving the floor to the wonderful folks that are being interviewed.

So far I heard two different types of interviews: An interview with food photographer Lou Manna and an interview with the super photog Chase Jarvis. What I like about the show is that it makes the interview to fit the person on the show.

The interview with Chase was very meta oriented, and they talked allot about ideas and the famous ninja shoot video. What gives Chase inspiration (and jobs), and his general photography approach. The interview with Lou was very different and after some general chat, was mostly focused about food photography tips and tricks. I heartedly recommend both.

Here are some bonuses if you tune in:
– Bill and Ed will gladly answer your questions.
The Studio Lighting (dot net) supporting site has tons of tutorials, articles and samples
– A great flickr group to ask question, show off, and get educated.
– One on One video tutorials
– A great article about a flash mounted soft box. check out the cool author of this one. (Yep, they gave me a shot when I was very young – web terms).

I know I’ll be tuning in each week. (And each day until I get the whole backlog covered.

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Great car image by rougerouge.