A Gun In Your Luggage May Save Your Photography Equipment

If you thought that carrying a gun on a flight can get you in trouble, think again. Haje Jan Kamps shares an interesting tip on how to use a gun to make sure your photography equipment does not get lost (or accidentally lost) by an airline.

A gun tucked with your luggage forces the airline to take extra precautions that it wont get lost, otherwise it is a big mess for everyone.

Crown Royale Infinity Rifle by V&A Steamworks

Here is the nice thing, you dont even need a “real” gun. A starter gun is under less regulation and in some countries does not need a permit, but will get you the same treatment.

“So… Why does this work? Well, a starting pistol is classed as a firearm, but it isn’t actually illegal anywhere. In addition, since you aren’t bringing any ammunition, you’re basically just packing a small toy gun that isn’t good for anyone. However, the airlines are über-paranoid about losing a firearm: Doing so, would cause tremendous amounts of problems for everybody concerned, and so, any luggage containing a ‘firearm’ is especially tagged and tracked through the luggage systems.

“Of course”, my new-found friend said, sipping from his gin and tonic, “It does take me longer to check my bags, but there’s no way they’ll take the risk of losing them – and so when I travel to very important jobs, my starter pistol comes with me…”#

If you are going to use this little trick make sure that the airline that you are using allows gun in the luggage compartment and whatever you do, don’t bring any ammo with you. This can get you in some serious trouble.

To protect your camera equipment, fly with a pistol…

[image, cc, by Guy H]