A Great Lecture About Photography and The Copyright Law

There are a lot of misconceptions about photography and copyright. Some of the more common questions (and wrong answers – at least on the net) concern copyright ownership, photo usage, online usage, fair use and licensing.

Others concern model releases, invoicing & payments (and their relations to copyrights) and legal documents and wordings.

Jack Reznicki and Ed Greenberg A.K.A The Copyright Zone (and authors the Photographer’s Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age) have a great lecture on B&H indepth blog.

It is a one hour and fifty minutes long lecture, but it clears a lot of the questions and misconceptions around the subject of copyrights and well worth the time watching it.

[The Copyright Zone Guys | BH Event Space Videos]

  • Frizzle

    I am half way through the video… These two guys want you to register your work (good), so they can have a chance to troll the internet (example) for infringement cases to make money (bad). Copyright trolls, just incredible.

    • HenryH

      You’re not paying attention. One of these guys is a photographer, the other is a copyright attorney. The gist is protecting your own work and how to deal with those who would steal that work. If you’re trying to making a living from your photography and people are stealing from you, you need to know how protect yourself.
      Greenberg, the attorney, isn’t out ginning up cases. He’s representing his clients and getting them just compensation for their life’s work. He does fit a certain stereotype of the pushy NYC lawyer, but he plays that for effect. Watch the whole thing from the beginning.

    • Jack Reznicki

      Like, Henry H. states, you’re not really paying attention, and posts like yours just further spread misinformation and hurts photographers. I’m the photographer on the video. I’ve been a pro for over 30 years in NY, past president of APA/NY and PPA. I’ve written several books for photographers. My record in helping photographers is long and out there. I’ve know Ed for over 30 years also. We have advocated registration for many years, and have done many step by step tutorials to help photographers. WE DON’T CARE WHO YOU HIRE, just have the knowledge to protect yourself. We’ll both be at Photoshop World in Orlando next week, spreading the word.

  • Lauren Smith

    I really want to get the content out of this video but I can’t tolerate the bald headed loudmouth interrupting every two seconds – worst presentation skills EVER!

  • http://twitter.com/TheresaZphotoz Theresa Z.

    Very useful information. I thought I knew a lot of what I needed but this video helped me to learn so much more. Thank you for sharing this.

    On a side note, I think it’s sad that a couple of the comment’s here are more focused on a person’s voice, mannerisms and assumed intentions, than on the useful information that they are trying to teach us. Peace.