A Closer Look at iOS 8’s new Camera

Apple’s new iOS software‘s been in beta mode for about a few weeks now, and that’s been plenty of time for developers (and tech enthusiasts) to get familiar with the features iOS 8 has to offer. One area iOS 8 brings the most improvement to is the Camera app itself, and we now have a much better idea of what the features it comes with are like.

Over on YouTube, you can check out a number of videos that go over how the camera utilizes time-shift and manual exposure. As expected, Apple implements the features so they can be used in the easiest way possible. The time-lapse is started up by swiping to its respective panel and simply pressing record. As for the manual exposure, the controls are activated when you tap to focus; the exposure then gets adjusted by swiping up and down.

The biggest thing I’ve seen being commented on coverage over the camera is usually a remark over how it’s already been done by countless Android and Windows phones. The thing is, besides the Nokia line, there’s almost no other company out there that’s taking the camera as seriously as Apple does. Even Sony, who make the sensors for the iPhone’s camera themselves, have problems with the actual software their Xperia cameras use. Right now, the iPhone and the Lumia have arguably the best interfaces in the mobile camera world, and the fact that Apple’s now starting to use manual controls means that other companies are going to start polishing their cameras as well. As an Android user, that’s better for me as a consumer; there’s a lot I love about my phone, but the camera’s software needs to be implemented in a much cleaner way.

Check out a video by Bill Savage Tech here, and check out the article Anandtech has posted up if you want a more in-depth look at how the features themselves work.

[Anandtech article via PetaPixel]

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  • Greg Silver

    I have the Xperia phone and have no problems with the camera. What issues with Xperia phones are you referring to?