A $25 DIY Micro Jib

As we start getting into video production in DIYP (see our steel wool tutorial) I am constantly amazed with the production quality that can be brought to ghetto productions like ours.

I anticipate that as video gets bigger and bigger, small productions will have higher and higher production value, even if made at home with a limited budget.

One of the ways to increase production value is by using a jib (or a crane). A jib allows for a wide range moving shots, and after getting a slider, this will probably be your next piece of gear.

A $25 DIY Micro Jib

If you are using a small camera or just want to have a go at using a jib before spending mega dollars, you may want to try out this DIY jib from OliviaTech. The build is pretty straight forward and the cost is around two coffees and a couple of doughnuts. It uses a few aluminum pieces for the arms and nylon washers for “friction free” movement. (you can see a similar build that we had here).

Now, if you find that using a jib is fun and valuable, you may want to upgrade to a branded (and more costly) jib, it will definitely function better. On the other hand, for $25 and an afternoon of makering with your kids you can have an instant jib to play with.

For the full instructions, jump over to How to Make a DIY Camera Jib.

P.S. If this is too ghetto for you, you can go for a DIY crane that is a bit more on the high end.