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A Slick DIY Self Contained photobooth


Photographer John Nakatsu  of K+J Studios operates a photobooth on events. On of the challenges with these kinds of botoh is to make them portable, and easy to set up. John came up with quite a clever solution to make the entire botoh self contained and easy to port without losing quality and fun.

The pictorial below goes through all the steps, so you cna get inspired on creating your own. Here is how he did it:

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Watch This Real Photobooth Marriage Proposal Done in 4 photos


That magical moment when she says yes is rarely captured. Well, not if you propose in a photobooth. Youtuber Kevin Moran made the big move inside a photobooth capturing the proposal in 4 photos.

While the first photo is your ordinary somewhat-awkward-self -conscious photo, the ring pops up in the second photo and the yes comes in the third.

Luckily for us Kevin teamed up with a photobooth service to also video record the entire process.

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How To Build A Slo-Mo Photobooth With $32,900 Worth Of Gear

About a week ago we shared an epic slo-mo video from a wedding photographed by Super Frog Saves Tokyo. The video was above all, fun.

How To Build A Slo-Mo Photobooth With $32,900 Worth Of Gear

But, fun aside, it took quite a bit of gear and preparation to create. Just the lights (KONOVA Pro 900 LED) and camera (RED EPIC) are about $32,900 without all the accessories. But.. seeing what goes on behind the scenes on this is a great experience nonetheless. It is short, but packed with tips about setup, direction, and avoiding mess. [Read more…]

Bringing The Phun To Photobooth (or Slo Mo Booth With Red Epic)

We’ve seen our share of photo booths. While they come in all shapes, colors and sizes, they usually operate in the same manner and produce similar pictures.

Super Frog Saves Tokyo have another take on the usual photo-booth. It involves a RED Epic, and probably the funnest slo-mo video a wedding has ever produced.

Bringing The Phun To Photobooth (or Slo Mo Booth With Red Epic)

The booth was installed for Quang and Ellie wedding reception and after the editing is done (featuring Robin Thicke’s appropriately popping “Blurred Lines” ) the result is something their grand-kids won’t be bored watching. [Read more…]

How To Build A Scream-Triggered Photobooth

Our buddy Haje Jan Kamps set up a scream triggered Photobooth. We thought it was a pretty cool concept so we asked him to share it here as well. Not just becasue it uses some awesome iPhone supported high speed photography, but also becasue this is a great demonstration of how to make some positive buzz with a photography product product.

If anyone had wandered along to the Maker Faire in the Elephant and Castle area of London (yes, it’s really real; no, there are neither castles nor freely roaming elephants but both would be a vast improvement) on Saturday they would have found me, and the London division of Team Triggertrap, asking people if they wouldn’t mind awfully screaming at the top of their lungs for us. Seriously.

How To Build A Scream-Triggered Photobooth

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This Photobooth Looks Like Instagram – Just As Trendy

This Photobooth That Looks Like Instagram Is Just As Trendy

Photographer Alexander Morris wanted to add a photobooth as a fun addition to events.

While the pictures and long-lasting-memories that a photobooth creates are important, the looks of the booth are crucial to attract visitors to take photos. Alex did a spectacular job on the design side, without sacrificing any quality.

Here are some of the booth’s highlights: (yes, you can build one yourself if you follow closely). [Read more…]

The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

I love a good photobooth. Nothing beats the thrill of getting a just printed strip with 4 images of my current state of being. Actually I keep a ton of pictures take n on various booths of myself from all over the world.

OK, one thing may beat that, and that is a photobooth that creates 3D images. (or rather 3D animated gifs).

Digital Kitchen, a Seattle-Los Angeles-Chicago design firm created a photobooth that uses 3 Canon 5D MKII, 4 Macbook Pros and a bit of software sorcery. The result, a photobooth that creates 3D magical images.

So where can you get one? Ah, that’s the rub. “We have no plans to commercialize the Protobooth,” David Mikula told me in an email. Mikula, who holds the cool title of “Senior Creation,” worked on the project with a half dozen others on the team. “It was an internal project that we had a lot of fun creating. That being said, everything we learned from this process has the potential to make its way into future projects.”#

It would be totally rad if the good guys at Digital kitchen made a tutorial on how to get a setup like this working. Till they do, click here to see all the images.

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Photo Booth Photos Help Shelter Dogs Find Homes


Guinnevere Shuster is a professional photographer and the social media coordinator at the Humane Society of Utah. Using her photography and media skills she helps otherwise often overlooked dogs find forever homes.

The photos depict each dog’s individual personality and show the dogs as they are outside of their kennels and metal bars at the shelter. Doing so gives potential adopters a glimpse at what they’ll be getting rather than what can be seen at the shelter itself.

The project seems to be going very well so far and the center reports high adoption rates among photographed dogs.

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Photographer Reportedly Says “Sue Me” After Being Accused Of Printing Racial Slur On Wedding Photos

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A Texas based photography company is being sued by a couple who rented a photobooth from Premier Photography for their August 2012 wedding. It has recently surfaced that some of the wedding reception attendees who used the photobooth had received prints with the racial slur “Poor N***** Party” printed on the bottom of their photos. Among one of those were the bride’s sister, who among other guests, graciously kept the concern to themselves to allow the bride and groom to enjoy their special day.

However, when the couple became aware of the mishap, they contacted Premier Photography owner, James Evans, seeking an explanation and an apology. The claim the only response they received from the photographer was, “Sue me.[Read more…]