7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

Photography can be expensive! So, it’s lovely to come across cool tips for using every day, household objects in your photography which can both help reduce the price of creating cool images or even help protect your gear.

Markus Berger and the team over at the COOPH YouTube channel has just released a new video featuring seven very cool little tips (and a bonus one at the end) doing just that: it shows simple, every day objects, used to great effect. More than one of these I had never thought of, so it’s well worth checking out these DIY hints used in effect. Read more below the jump.

1) The Beer Cosy


DIYPhotography revealed this little tip a while back, but it’s a great one to share once again. Nothing beats inexpensive, simple ways to protect your lenses! (Don’t forget they make for cheap flash snoots, too!)

2) A Black Tile


Using a black tile for product photography is a great way to get smooth reflections in your product photography.

2.5) Use Your iPad / Tablet With The Tile


Light painting with a tablet or iPad can create some stunning effects. Check out DIYPhotography’s guide here.

3) A Glass Ball / Giant Marbles


4) Aerosol + Lighter = Fire!


5) Stockings / Tights + A Rubber Band


6) A Mirror


7) Cheap Tube Light


Bonus: A Plastic Bag


So what DIY applications do you have that you could share with fellow readers using household objects?


  • Nexus

    Kinda fun watching how the young ‘internet-aged’ photog’s are discovering this sort of things for the first time!

  • http://wilcfry.com/ Wil Fry

    Plastic cutting mats — white for ‘light shed’ photography, and all colors for gobos and backgrounds.

  • Frank Nazario

    Very cool 😀

  • https://www.facebook.com/cheryl.a.perry.31 Cheryl Anne Perry

    Fiona Sing

  • Nick

    Question regarding the tube light: is this a glass bulb? If so, how are you lighting it? Extension cord? What brand it is? Thanks :)