6 Cameras Shootout – Can You tell which is Which?

J.P. and the crew over at The Slanted Lens took six cameras for a shoot out. Some of them are as high-end  as the Canon 1DC, while some are as crappy as the iPad (not the iPad air, just the  iPad).


The shootout was done on a pretty sunny day (so the iDevices can even start to compare) with no strobes, again so the iDevices will not be at a disadvantage.

Now here is the big question, can you match each of the photos to each of the following cameras?  iPhone 5C, iPad, Canon 5dmkIII, Nikon D800, Canon 1DC and a Sony R7.

Here are JP’s tests and thoughts following the 6 photos, see if you can match the photos to a camera and then watch the flick to see if you were right.







  • Guest1

    #3: ipad
    #4: iphone

    the rest… every camera left could do those i guess. and i don’t wanna watch that clip… 😉

    • Guest1

      damnit… i screwed it up… #3 iphone, #4 ipad…

  • http://elijahalcantara.com/ elijahalcantara

    Kinda spoiled it when one could hover over the photo link to see which is which 😛 but the full frames are very easy to spot anyways

    • http://www.diyphotography.net/ udi tirosh

      you party popper :) that’s fixed now. thanks for the heads up. care to take the test again?

  • belfastbiker

    My God, they’re all sucky. What was he doing? I can do a better image with my older iPhone 5 in light like that.

  • GUY

    1: SONY A7R
    2: D800
    3: IPHONE 5C
    4: IPAD 2
    5: 5D MARK III
    6: 1D-C

  • Troy

    really should clean the fingerprints off the back of the iphone

  • Alper Turner

    A very surprising result; Canon 5dmkIII, Nikon D800, Canon 1DC and Sony R7 are better than iPhone 5C, iPad.. Would you believe? :]

  • Renato Murakami

    To be fair, JP should’ve used an iPhone 5S, the latest iPad mini and perhaps a Samsung or Nokia 1020/808 camera’s to compare to the latest dSLRs and full frame mirrorless (hey, A7s, it’s happening!)… it would’ve been closer. Though I guess he didn’t really have a voice while choosing those.
    But fully agreed. There’s no replacement. And that’s considering the best lighting conditions possible. Differences would become even more drastic as lighting gets worse.
    It’s pretty noticeable even with the images on a video or in the web in general, which isn’t the best place to judge them…
    That said, I have a Lumia 1020 myself, and been pretty impressed with the quality. Make no mistake, it’s not dSLR. But at this point I can say it replaces a cheap point ‘n shoot pretty well, mid to low range.

  • sixpants

    So I picked the 1dc and D800. That officially makes me an expert! All bow to me.

    Now if I could just do this same thing with lottery numbers…

  • Ann Mehrman

    There are images that would never be captured if it wasn’t for cameras in portable devices. People buy cameras that they don’t want to carry with them and don’t full know how to use. When you can, use the best lens and camera you have but please…take the photo.

  • RobertAx

    EXIF tells it all

  • http://wilcfry.com/ Wil Fry

    I’ll say this: I’ve been happy to have my phone handy a few times when I didn’t have my DSLR (like my son’s first time playing in a McDonald’s Playland, for example), and I’ve seen a few amazing photographers who can do better with a phone than with a DSLR, but otherwise… For me it’s about control. I can’t control my phone’s camera, but CAN control my DSLR.

  • liss

    CORRECTION: it’s actually a iphone 5, not a 5c