6 Awesome Home Studio Tips: Backdrops To Lights And More

The folks at the slanted lens are anything but low value so it was kinda surprising to see that many of their setups are actually low-budget DIYs. The short below shows six of those tricks including a plumbing backdrop hanger, a ton of budgety lighting solutions (some of which we have covered in the past, but their softbox is pure budget geniusity) and my favorite, another use for a tarp.

[6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio via theslantedlens.com]

  • Mike

    The first half shows some good ways to manage backdrops however It is well worth reading the comments on the youtube page about how dangerous the lighting examples are and how you can burn your house down.

  • Daemon

    Those lighting suggestions are terrifying. Why on earth is he even suggesting making something that likely to burst into flames?