49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects

49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects

Following the great demand, here are 49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects.

Something for everyone with Tripod hacks, lighting hacks, light modifiers mods and a few crazy projects that are simply not classifiable.

Tripods Photography Projects

In this section tripod for macro photography, tripods for food photography, tripod for your bicycles. Did I say tripods?

How to Make a DIY Camera Stand

Light Stand Photography Projects

Here you’ll find all your light stand needs.  If it’s mounting a flash where no flash can be mounted, clamping it, sticking it, of making a new lightstand out of PVC scraps. 

DIY Photography backdrop stand

Flash Accessory Photography Projects

Got a flash? Good chances that you do, if you are reading this site. Here are some tweaks that will spoil your flash. Be it mounting,  synchronizing with your camera or simply making a huge ring flash. There is even a jetpack hiding there.

What Can You do With Six Speedlights and a Coffee Can

Light Modifiers Photography Projects

If you’re a Strobist this is the section for you.

DIY Studio - The Square Ring Flash

Pinhole Camera Photography Projects

This one’s for all the pinhole lovers. If you can’t get over death of film we have some great film projects here – you won’t even need a camera – you’ll build it. And if you’re all digital, well… that covered too.

How To Build a Matchbox Pinhole Camera

General Lighting Photography Projects

This is where you can get your lighting fix. And no, those are not flashes.

Iowa Sunbounce reflector

Other Wacky Photography Projects

The rest of the ends and odds. If it’s into photography and have even the slightest DIY involved you’ll find it here. From custom shaped bokeh through joystick shutter release and ending in 3D DIY camera. 

Create your own Bokeh

Still Hungry?

Here are 43 more Photography Projects.

Know of more cool projects? Hit us on the comments.

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