3 Cool Photography Halloween Hacks

pumpkinface (by minipixel)Yea I know, Halloween is almost a month away, but if you’re gonna do something fancy, you’d better start preparing.

Here are three completely safe Halloween photography Hacks.

Between making your own pumpkin, cutting a hole in your body and bringing a full Paparazzi band to the party there is no way you’ll get tricked. But, you have to start preparing.

1. Cut a Hole In Your Stomach

Gaping hole Halloween costume (by evanbooth)

Yes! It can be done. Earth scientists have been trying to achieve the predator’s camouflage suit effect for years, and now it can be done. You can make a hole in your body with three simple ingredients: The digital camera you already have, a cheapo DVD player or LCD screen and a cardboard shoulder strap. See the complete instructions here.

2. Dress As a Full Paparazzi Band

The Paparazzi Costume

This hack, I assume, will be faved by all off camera flash lovers. This wonderful costume is made using a small brigade of disposable cameras.

By detaching the flash unit from the camera and wiring them all together, you can create the appearance of a full Paparazzi band. The best thing is that you won’t even need to flash you press pass to get into all the hot places. Full instructions here.

Done with the custom? Use the flashes to create a ring flash.

3. Create Your You-O-Lantern


Ok, Halloween is not all about customs, it is also about pumpkins. The great guys at Photojojo came up with a way to make your (and I really mean yours) Jack-O-Lantern. Full instructions here.


If your house got totally TPed, you make the best of it – build some gridspots.

Use your house lighting to create wonderful bokeh images.

[Pumpkin image by minipixel]