$20,000 Red Epic Sensor Burnt By Show Lasers

Obviously this has not been a good week for expensive gear. After reporting on the $10,000 split-in-half Nikon Lens yesterday, we sadly inform that in a battle between a laser show and a $20,000 RED Epic, the laser won.

This particular RED Epic was used to shoot the Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 in Chicago where a massive display of stage lasers takes place. It took the laser not longer than a split second to change the sensor into pic collage.

Here is a comparison of how the image goes out of the RED before and after it got hit by the laser:

20,000K Red Epic Sensor Burnt By Lasers

It is no wonder people are using lasers to hit camera sensor when wanting some privacy.

Here is a video showing how massive the laser show was (though it only took one beam to nuke the RED).

Epic puns in 3,2,1…

[Concert Lasers Destroy RED EPIC image sensor via gizmodo, forceduse]

  • Ellen

    (could not resist….)

  • MnemeM

    I bet someone is seeing RED now.
    (could not resist…)

  • John_Skinner

    “Lights in my eyes”…. Priceless.

    Then again, anyone who would bring a $20,000.00 piece of anything to listen to club music.. You deserve the loss.

    • Jayson Carey

      Why the hell would you say that? Just because you don’t like the genre of music at the festival? Using a pair of Epic’s, I would assume that they were being paid to be there, and the wider dynamic range and RAW files offered by these cameras would be a huge bonus in a dimly lit environment such as this.

  • Matthew Wagg

    70mm film never had this problem

  • J

    “Obviously this has not been a good week for expensive gear.”
    May 2013. November 2010.
    Hardly a week.

  • rome

    looked crappy anyways :)

  • jameskatt

    So was the Red Epic RENTED??? With such an expensive camera, I would rather rent it and have insurance cover it.