13 Photography Lighting Video Tutorials

13 Photography Lighting Video TutorialsThe following is a collection of thirteen video lighting tutorials. The main premise is that after watching those videos you’ll know to light a little bit better, or at least pick up a trick or two.

Now watching those will not make you better pictures, you’ll actually have to go out and shoot some. Hopefully those videos, some only using one light, will provide lots and lots of motivation to try new things.

Pro Photo Life – Outdoor Portraits #1

A great video that shows the difference between natural light bounced from the floor, a big white reflector and a softbox + strobe (link)

A Dance With Light – Richard Patterson

Photographer Richard Patterson takes us through a session of shooting an arial silk acrobat and a dancer from the New York City Ballet (link).

Lighting It Up in Austin with Robert Seale

Photographer Robert Seale does an amazing walk through of a location shoot from scouting, through the various setups and lighting modifiers. While some of this video is “slides” it sheds a great deal of light on how those productions actually work (link).

OneLight Workshop DVD 2

This one is actually a preview of Zack Arias’s excellent OneLight DVD. It has a quick on location sequence that uses one bare strobe combined with ambient light. (link)

LeBron James: Making the Shot

While this one is not your average how to light video it has a lot of behind the scenes footage and you can definitely pick up the lighting. But more importantly you can pick up the amazing attitude photographer Jill Greenberg has when shooting the basketball lagend LeBron James (link).

Pro Photo Life – Beautiful Portraits With Just One Light

Photographer Jim Talkinton walks through three different portraits taken in studio using an umbrella and a strobe. Starting with “classic” Rembrandt lighting Jim plays with light position to get two more appealing portraits. (link)

Jensen Walker – Showing the line of CL Umbrellas

Photographer Jensen Walker shows the difference between white, silver, shoot through and softbox umbrellas, wrapping up with an umbrella based seamless white  setup (link).

Confessions of a Photographer – episode 01

Photographer Bert Stephani shares a tip on shooting at high noon while using the trees as diffusion and a small strobe as hair light (link).

Photography Lighting Tips- GRIDS with lighting

This video by Light Tec from Dallas shows how to control spill using grids, It provides examples with a beauty dish and a huge sofbox (link).

Dean Collins – 3D Contrast

Dean Collins is a absolute master when it comes to lighting. This video was salvages from an old video tape (don’t ask…) it provides some very solid truths about using lights in your photography (link).

Capoeira Shoot LFP

This video is a prime example of how using just hot shoe flashes can work wonders once you have the skies on your side. + Will all this Capoeira there was no way I was leaving this one out (link).

Strobist Technique: Cross-lighting with Wireless Strobes

This is a quick and simple video that illustrates the cross lighting technique. It is done with strobes (A LA Strobist) here, but it can be done with any light source (link)

Confessions of a Photographer – episode 04

nothing is better than shooting under a bridge. Bert Is building a 4 flashes image flash by flash to set background, fill and sidelights. Oh, and there is a *second* sun involved (link).

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