Arkansas Wants Every Person in Your Photos To Sign a Model Release. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. One.

The next case in a seemingly never ending list of bills aimed at limiting photographers’ rights is SB-79 which was passed by the Arkansas Senate on Tuesday.

The bill aims to “Enact the Personal Rights Protection Act: and to Protect the Property Rights of an Individual to the Use of the Individual’s Name, Voice, Signature, and Likeness”, and according to the American Society of Media Photographers it “expands the individual’s Right of Publicity to an unprecedented extreme”.

The bill would require explicit written consent for photographers or videographers to include an individual’s likeness in a photograph that is used for practically any purpose within the state of Arkansas. Several Fair Use exemptions have been made, but they’re far from being ideal.

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‘Police Buffer Zone’ Bill Attacked By Law Enforcement Groups and Legal Experts


The bill proposing to ban recording police within 25-feet of them faced strong opposition from concerned citizens and civil right activists, and was said to be changed to 15-feet after its author received death threats.

What might be the bill’s death strike has now come from legal experts as well as the very same people the bill claims to be assisting.

Refusing to get out of the headlines, Jason Villalba is now spearheading another controversial bill.

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How To Do Cinematic Color Grading Like A Pro


Ever noticed how movies have a very distinct look that gives off a cinematic look. The process of taking the footage and giving it a specific look is called Grading. There are a few ways to achieve that look and the team at the Photoshop Training Channel provides one of the best color grading primers I’ve seen to date.

Now, Grading can be as complex as you want to take it, but if you want to get a general understanding of the process this video is a great 30 minutes crash course.

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Instagram in Hot Water for Censoring a Photo of a Fully Clothed Woman on Her Period


Source: Facebook/Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur, a poetess & spoken word performer as she calls herself, was at the center of a recent social media storm after she posted a photo of woman lying in bed with period blood visible on the sheets and the woman’s pants.

The photo is part of a series created by Kaur as part of her final project for a visual rhetoric course she’s taking, aimed at demystifying the period and making it “normal” again.

Sure, this isn’t a subject you see photographed or posted online very often, but what caused the outraged responses was Instagram’s reaction to the photo. The mobile photo-sharing social network deleted the photo stating it was in violation of the community guidelines. When Kaur re-uploaded the photo, and Instagram once again deleted it, the artist lashed out against the “misogynist” decision.

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Sofia Monsters is a Fun Project Raising Awareness of the City’s Problems

Childhood memories…

Childhood memories…

Many people would like to see certain things change in their city. Maybe encourage modernization or perhaps slow it down; promote new policies or change existing ones.

While most will settle for signing an online petition or ranting on social media, a couple of young artists from Sofia have taken a fun approach to raising awareness of the causes near and dear to them.

Sofia Monsters is an amusing series that gets the message across without taking itself too seriously.

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Clever Parody Mocks Apple’s Brag Campaign By Displaying Photos Also Shot On iPhone 6

also shot on iphone

Those Apple advertisements featuring gorgeous photos and a simple line of text which shares the photographer’s name along with “Shot on iPhone 6″ are starting to pop up everywhere, subtly leading people to believe all they really need to start taking better cell phone shots is an iPhone upgrade. After Apple plastered the ads all over San Franscisco, two local graphic designers decided to instill a little more truth into the viral ad campaign.

They scoured the internet for photos which were also taken on an iPhone 6 that are, perhaps, more typical of shots people usually take with their iPhones. You know, like naked bathroom selfies. The two used the photos they found to make their own set of “Shot On iPhone 6″ posters and took to the streets to hang their masterpieces up alongside authentic Apple ads for a cheeky little side by side comparison. They named the parody Also Shot On iPhone 6, gave it’s own Tumblr, and watched as the city of San Francisco scrambled to take their ingenious posters down. [Read more…]

Thought You Can Use Amazon’s Unlimited Storage Plan for Your Business? Think Again


Amazon announced a couple of new Cloud Drive storage plans yesterday, with one of them offering unlimited storage space for photos priced at just $12 a year.

Considering that other cloud services charge up to eight times more for just 1TB, Amazon’s plan seems like it could become a hit among photographers.

On the other hand, a keen reader called Bob pointed out an interesting section in the Terms of Use that might keep photographers away.

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Comparing Eight 200mm Lenses Yields Interesting Results


If you are an action, wedding, portraiture or a nature photographer you probably have (or want) a 200mm lens, either at fixed focal length or one that can zoom all the way to that spot.

It should also not surprise you that not all 200mm lenses are born equal. While weight, compatibility, stabilization and price may all play a factor, sometimes it all comes down to optics. Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz of Lensrentals compared 8 (yea, eight) different lenses at 200 and shares the results, optically speaking.

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A New Law Allows Indiana Photographers to Refuse Same-Sex Clients


A bill called ‘Religious Freedom Restoration’, recently approved by Indiana’s Senate Judiciary Committee, was signed earlier today by governor Mike Pence. The bill’s authors stated its aim is to protect business owners whose religious beliefs prevent them from providing services to gays and lesbians.

“Christian bakers, florists and photographers” were given as examples of businesses that are said to benefit from the new law, adding that they should not be punished for refusing to participate in a homosexual marriage!”.

Opponents, however, claim the law will legalize discriminations against homosexuals.

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Brazillian Photographer Embarks On Ambitious Project To Photograph Every Single Skin Tone

Angélica DassWe often identify ourselves and one another as being black or white, or red or yellow. But Angélica Dass, a Brazilian photographer, has set out to record and catalog every precise variation of human skin tone there is. Dass has aptly titled  the project HUMANÆ and says says all the participants are volunteers that reached out to her after reading a call which the photographer posted on her social media accounts.

So far she has photographed people from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paris, and Chicago in addition to several other locations around the world. The mission statement for HUMANÆ explains: [Read more…]