World Record for Lighting Painting Orbs Broken


Light painters have many cool tools and techniques at their disposal allowing them to create various shapes, lines and colors. One of my favorite shapes is the light orb, so needles to say I was happy to see so many of them in one photo.

The East Coast Light Painting group set a Guinness World Record after they had successfully created 200 complete light orbs in a single exposure.

Light painting seems like an advanced form of magic if you don’t know how it’s created, so to anyone unfamiliar with light paining this photo will probably look like an alien nesting area.

If you have ever tried light painting though, you will appreciate the crazy amount of effort ad precision required to pull off such a feat.

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Lytro Gains $50M In Funding; Cuts Up To 50 Employees As They Shift Focus From Photo To Virtual Reality

I’ve been quietly rooting for Lytro since they introduced their field camera, but the young, innovative camera company has never really been able to raise the kind of interest and momentum needed to make a name for itself as one of the leading camera manufacturers. But, that doesn’t mean the company is ready to give up just yet. Early this week, Lytro made an announcement to their staff that the company has recently secured $50M in new funding to further develop the brand. [Read more...]

How To Build A Killer 4-Feet, Double-Ringed, 27-Bulbs-Powered Ring Light

Honestly, I cannot believe this went under the radar for me. Photographer Dani Diamond just broke our ring light record, not by making it any bigger, but by adding a clever inner ring making it the first double-ringed DIY light I’ve seen.

The outer diameter is 4 feet and it features 12 bulbs in the inside ring and another 15 (actually 14) bulbs on the outside, making it a 27 bulbs monster. The only bulb that is missing, making it a 26-bulber is the topmost bulb that Dani uses as a clever mounting point, booming it rather that mounting it on a light stand.

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Get Perfect Effects 9 Premium For Free! ($59.95 Value)

Perfect Effects 9 Premium Edition includes hundreds of fully customizable presets and filters. There’s a version for Windows or for Mac OS X and it can be used as a plug-in with Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture or as a standalone app.

The software is now available for free as a special offer for 500px members, but anyone can download it. All you need to do is fill in your email, name and country and a download link and license number will be sent to you within minutes.

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See How Photographers Would Photoshop Before Photoshop Existed


Don’t you just love the creative freedom and post-processing power that digital photography and Photoshop allow?

A couple of weeks ago a 12-year-old budding photographer asked me how Photoshop was used when shooting film was common practice.

This video, created by Lynda in tribute to 25 years of Photoshop, answers that exact question.

If you like to think of yourself as a “purist” and you don’t believe in post-processing because you “only do what was once done in the darkroom”, this video is for you as well.

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Mayor Claims City’s Image Was Distorted; Requests World Press Photo To Withdraw Prize


“A police officer, some minutes before charging against rioting football fans.”

Just two weeks after World Press Photo’s announcement that 22% of entries that had reached the penultimate round were disqualified due to excessive post processing, a Belgian politician claims a winning photoset should be disqualified due to its “serious distortion of reality”.

The mayor of Charleroi, where the winning photos of the “Contemporary Issues Stories” category were taken, justified his request to have the award withdrawn saying that the photos hurt not only the people of Charleroi but also the profession of photojournalism.

World Press Photo is currently verifying the facts behind the photos of Italian winner, Giovanni Troilo.

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How To Photograph Three Indoor Window Light Portrait Styles

how to photograph three indoor window light portrait styles jp danko blurmedia photography

Since it’s the winter that won’t end, I though I’d share a few tips for how to photography three indoor window light portrait styles in the comfort of your own home using any camera.

I’m always amazed by how great window light can look and how easy it is to get completely different looks from such a simple light source – and the best part is that you can stay warm indoors too!

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Photographer Covers Models In Honey To Create Stunning Preservation Portrait Series (NSFW)


The idea behind Preservation, was somewhat of an after thought. It occurred to Blake Little while shooting a male eating honey. That original concept was meant to bring the bear like qualities of the man to attention through the incorporation of honey. As he was shooting the man eating honey, Little noted the stereotypical idea was one of the more cliche photos he had created. As he sorted through the images from that shoot, he singled out the man’s hand, which was completely covered in honey–the amber colored liquid slowly rolled down his hand before dripping off his fingertips in a very captivating way. [Read more...]

Flashback Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Now a Reality. Nay Sayers, Eat Your Hats. Maybe.


Several readers and many people I spoke with were unimpressed by the anti-paparazzi clothing we covered last month.

The most common response was “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Well, it’s time to start believing.

A crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised the necessary funds for the Flashback Photobomber Hoodie and Silver-Screen Scarf to start shipping in August.

The fabric used in this line of clothing is embedded with glass nanospheres that reflect light and therefore mess up the exposure of photos taken with a flash.

However, its main feature might also be its weak spot.

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