Interviews with a Nikon Product Manager and Lens Designers Offer Insight to the Company’s Processes


Nikon has recently uploaded a video interview with a couple of its lens designers which is the first volume in a series of videos titled ‘Philosophy of Nikkor’.

The name of the video, ‘What do designers think, and how do they create lenses?’, sums up the essence of it.

Another video interview, this one with a product manager for Nikkor lenses in Europe, lets us in to Nikon’s planning process and discusses some of the hottest topics surrounding the company and its competitors.

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Authorities Halt the Ban on Commercial Portraits Following a Photographer’s Lawsuit


Back in February we reported that Josephine Havlak, a commercial photographer from St. Louis, sued the village of Twin Oaks over its decision to ban commercial photography in the local park.

Following her lawsuit, the village’s board of trustees has decided to refrain from enforcing the ban for at least 45 days, while the village negotiates with Havlak’s attorney.

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Product Photography: Shooting A “Papo Seco” Wine Bottle


Here it is a short description of the process for creating the image of the bottle “Papo Seco” to Pinto & Raposo.

For this shot I only had the 5 bottles my client gave me and the idea he wanted for the image…  He wanted “fresh” “clean” and “young” he also needed some blank space for adding text later on…

In the beginning I was thinking on using only one bottle…but as I had 5 bottles available I decided to try to use them all.

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Cannes Film Festival Cracking Down on “Grotesque” Red-Carpet Selfies


Just as hunters like to document their trophy kills, many celebrities take every opportunity to capture their own success. The selfie has become an increasingly popular method of doing so and allows easily sharing the experience with their fans, but not everybody approves of this kind of photography.

The prestigious film festival’s artistic director, Thierry Frémaux, introduced the new photography limitation while announcing the lineup of movies for the upcoming event.

The official reason is that the ceremony is slowed down when “people stop every two metres to take a picture of themselves, with themselves”, but it sounds like Frémaux’s personal opinion about the selfie played a major role in the decision.

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You Have An Established Company, Why Did You Turn To Kickstarter To Make Your Next Product?


Kickstarter has been great to the community, it allows those with a great idea and little money to bring fabulous products to the market. Yet, every once in a while we are seeing a company which is not new turning to kickstarter to get funded.

Every time we post such project, the first comments are why is this company going to kickstarter? They should have plenty of money in their pockets and they should not offload the risk of development to us.

We were intrigued by the same question and asked 5 companies this exact question. Here is their response:

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Melting Ice Cream Never Looked As Good It Does In These Nostalgia Inducing Long Exposures


Micheal Massaia’s collection of photos, Transmogrify, has been receiving mixed reactions. For some, the images are nauseating, some find them hypnotizing, while, for others, they’re simply mouthwatering. In fact, they may be some odd combination of all those things. Massaia himself describes them as “mesmerizing, disturbing, and humorous.” But, looking past the surface of things, as artists tend to do, you’ll see the images are based on something much more introspective. At the metaphorical heart of the colorful, swirling pools of liquescent dairy products sits a heaping dose of nostalgia just waiting to be recognized. [Read more…]

You Will Never Check Your Camera Gear Again After Seeing This Airport Baggage System


Every airport I’ve been to has signs advising travelers to remove all valuables from checked luggage. While most people do so worrying that airport staff will steal their expensive belongings, throw their bags around or lose them altogether, it turns out that humans are not the only danger to your prized possessions.

As the video below shows, some automatic baggage systems might also pose a serious threat to the chances of your cameras or lenses making it to their destination intact.

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A First-Person Shooter Called Street Photography


In my early teenage years I loved nothing more than gaming and going to LAN parties every weekend. Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942 and Counter-Strike were my favorites back then. Although I also liked strategy games like Warcraft 3, I spent most of my time playing Counter-Strike with my friends till 2AM. Although I’m not that much of a gamer anymore besides the occasional SNES nights, a crazy thought crossed my mind. If street photography were a game, it would definitely be a first-person shooter.

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Why Moving Away From A Camera Strap Can Make You A Better Photographer


All photographers know that composition and perspective are critical ingredients in producing images that stand out from the crowd. Camera manufactures even provide us with tilt screens to enable us to shoot from just about any perspective. But wait a minute…let’s think about the role of that innocuous item of gear that you’ve attached to your camera without even giving it a second thought and will probably remain there for the entire life of that camera – the camera strap.

Yes, it was free, and yes, it may sport the model of your latest purchase, but let’s just stop and think about what else it does. Let’s imagine for a second that you had to purchase it and think about it the pro’s and con’s, about its value, function and benefits in the way you chose a lens or other item of gear…based on what you want to achieve and your personal shooting style.

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