Photographer Shares Her Emotional Turmoil In Compelling Self Portrait Series [NSFW]


One of the hardest things to find in today’s society is real, unabashed honesty.  There’s no shortage of people spouting their views and opinions, but very rarely do we see beneath the surface or reveal our true selves to those around us.

Samantha Geballe is an exception to the rule.  The fine art and conceptual portrait photographer explains that she strives to “explore human emotion from the inside out.”  Samantha, who has long struggled with self acceptance and body image due to obesity, took a step of courage to convey her emotional struggles to the world through honest and revealing self-portraiture.  While art is often reflective of our inner selves to some degree, we are often not willing to become this vulnerable and real.

(Warning:  Graphic content after the jump.)

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GoPro’s New Hero4 Session is Half the Size and Weight of Other Models

GoPro_SessionJust one month after announcing the entry-level HERO+ LCD, the undisputed king of action cameras has just announced another new model. This one sports an entirely new, and drastically smaller, design.

The Session looks like a lens block that was cut out of a regular GoPro making it 50% smaller.

Including its integrated waterproof housing the camera weighs just 74 grams, which is approximately half the weight of its bigger brothers in their own underwater housings.

Of course the huge cut in size and weight come at a cost; both feature and money wise.

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See the Dramatic Results of Lightroom’s Dehaze Feature On Underwater Photos


DIYP has been following the Lightroom/Photoshop dehaze saga since before it was released in the public update.  Now, we bring you the next installment.

Photographer Christian Mairitsch (who also has some breathtaking landscape images in his Flickr stream) decided to go below the surface with the new feature.  Literally.  In a dynamic proof of its capabilities, Christian put the feature to the test on underwater images, with excellent results.

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Operator Crashes Drone Into His Own Head


Source: YouTube/doctorsnaketown

Drone fans, amateurs and professionals alike, dread hearing about safety incidents involving their beloved flying devices.

Knowing that any crash can put them at risk of even more restrictive rules, especially if a person is hurt, responsible operators make sure they follow the guidelines and take the necessary precautions.

One FPV (first-person view) mini quadcopter operator, who goes by the name doctorsnaketown on YouTube, discovered the hard way that there’s a risk even when flying outdoors with no other people around… as he flew the drone directly into the back of his head.

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Standing up for the concert photographer, by standing on his neck


Earlier this week, the Washington City Paper made a stand against what it considered an unfair concert photography contract presented by the Foo Fighters with an article entitled Why We’re Not Photographing The Foo Fighters. Concert photographers everywhere stood up and slow clapped for the headline and main idea of the article and the stand it took on photographers rights. In the last paragraph of the article however, the Washington City Paper did something even worse to photographers than the Foo Fighters ever could have; they called on the fans to submit photos of the show, and they offered to pay for them. Instead of simply not covering the event and saying “Screw you, Foo Fighters” as the article’s title might make you believe, they’re saying “Screw you, concert photographers” and created a new class of concert photographer; the front row, amateur, on spec, freelance iPhoneographer. The ramifications are going to be far reaching to the concert photographer, the concert attendee, the artist, and the publications themselves.

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The 5 Minutes, $1.50 Reflector And How To Use It


I’ve already used those DIY reflectors in a couple of my articles but I’ve never actually did a full post explaining how they are built and used. I want to show you how easy it is to make this reflector and how useful it can be. Definitely a good use for $1.50. It actually takes around 5 minutes to make it and you can make it as big or small as you need.

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Re: why smartphone photography stinks for you. A Response

2011-09-17-viv-032-29 -

Vivitar UWS loaded with cross processed film. This camera has no exposure control. Just a shutter release and rewind

I’ve read the latest article by JP Danko about why smartphone photography stinks. I disagree, and here is my response.

I do hate the term “tog”. I cringe every time I see or hear it.

Your definition of real camera does sound little bit pretentious to my ears as it leaves out pretty much all point and shoots and (however heretic it might sound) lofi/lomo cameras. Disregard the phone aspect for now. All the autofocus, auto exposure cameras with little to no control about anything are left out. This includes cameras like Olympus Mju, many Polaroid Land cameras, Instamatics and Brownies… why I mention them? Cause it seems like your generalization is presuming only digital media. These analog cameras I mentioned are directly comparable with some of the current phone camera offerings. Take Kodak instamatics and Brownies. Cheap, low quality shooters that were spewed by the millions yet they provided the public with much appreciated democratization of photography. Because of their limitations in exposure their photos looked very much the same, yet they defined the visual style and taste in such strong way, that most popular (and praised by you) app like Instagram and Hipstamatic base their success on this established visual style. Just look at the names. Our family memories are defined by low quality cameras yet we continue with this tradition even now, when the access to quality digital apparatus is easier than ever before. But people did not seem to mind the lens quality of the Instamatic or automatic land cameras. As those pictures were viewed as rather small prints today photography is viewed on small screens.

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African Americans Tagged As “Gorillas” By Google Photos App


Google apparently is not the most politically-correct mind on the planet.  As a recent incident with the Google Photos app illustrates, the artificial intelligence engine is still learning…and making giant mistakes along the way.

Computer programmer and hobbyist photographer Jacky Alciné recently tweeted, “Google Photos, y’all f@#ked up. My friend’s not a gorilla,” along with a screen shot.  Jacky had uploaded a photo of himself and a friend to Google Photos, and the automatic tagging feature got it completely wrong.

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