Panasonic’s New 3D Photo Lab Uses 120 Lumix GH4’s; Creates 3D Printed Figurines Of You


On July 17th, Panasonic opened the doors to it’s new 3D Photo Lab, which utilizes 120 GH4 cameras. Located in the Panasonic Center Osaka, if you live in or are planning a visit to Japan you may want to head over to the 3D Lab’s website and book yourself a reservation to partake in the experience. For 55,000 yen ($443USD), you can step inside of the photo lab and have your photo taken. Panasonic then uses your photo to model a one of kind 3D figurine after, which they 3D print and deliver to you three weeks after your photo session.  [Read more…]

Good-Bye Polarized Filters: Olympus Patents Polarized Sensor Technology


Polarizing filters are almost mandatory for landscape photography, but they have a few drawbacks.  The first is obvious:  the hassle of having to carry filters with your to fit each lens.  The second is not quite as obvious but has a vital impact:  loss of light within your scene.

Olympus is aiming to change that with a new patented sensor technology that essentially has a built-in polarizing filter within the sensor itself.  This technology would automatically analyze a scene for light values and adjust accordingly, allowing you to basically have a polarizer for each one of your lenses without the hassle (or expense) of carrying them around or losing valuable light from critical scenes.

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See Nature Come Alive In This Incredible Time-Lapse Landscape Video


Time-lapse videos are a spectacle to behold and have been taking the photography world by storm the last several years.  Not to be outdone, Andrew Studer spent more than two years photographing the Pacific Northwest to create a mesmerizing video showing the sheer beauty of nature and its might.

Comprising an estimate 85,000 photos, Andrew says he spent “countless all nighters, camping trips, and spontaneous trips to the mountains” to produce the four and a half minutes of awesome.

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First Photoshop CC Update Fixes ‘Salt Line’ Artifacts and Crashing


We all like a little salt and pepper every now and then, but we aren’t huge fans of Photoshop adding it to our photos at random.  Last month we dug into how Photoshop CC 2015 was adding salt-like artifacts to images when using the healing brush.  Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with photographers using the feature.

Yesterday, Adobe released Photoshop 2015.0.1, a much-needed update that corrected this issue along with a variety of others, including crashing issues for both Mac and Windows users.

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Nikon’s 24-70mm Gets VR, Their 24mm Gets f/1.8 And A 200-500mm Is Coming


Nikon are sliding into the summer with a strong start, announcing three new lenses which will make any Nikonian happy (and any Nikonian significant other angry). Nikon’s lens collection is expanding with a full frame 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR Lens, a 24mm f/1.8G ED Lens and an AF-S NIKKOR 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR Lens, all should hit the stores by September but can already be pre-ordered.

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Fuji Announces the X-T1 IR, the World’s First Infrared Mirrorless Camera


We’ve previously shared how you can convert your existing dSLR to shoot infrared images, but this approach is very touchy, technical, and would most assuredly void the warranty on your camera.  Fortunately, for those wanting to shoot IR photos, Fuji has just announced X-T1 IR, the first mirrorless infrared camera.

“The X-T1 IR focuses on both excellent image quality as well as delivering incredible speed. It uses an extremely fast and accurate autofocus system, and is compatible with Ultra High Speed UHS-II SD memory cards. At up to 8 frames per second, the X-T1 IR is fit for any specialized workplace in need of first-rate photo quality, durability and performance.” – Fuji Press Release

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Spectacular Hi-Def Aerial Photos Take You On A Breathtaking Tour Of The World

iguaza falls


A group of photographers based out of Moscow, Russia have embarked on a fascinating project that’s taking them to some of the most beautiful locations earth has to offer. Amassing over 2000 images of 200 different locations on their website so far, the group has covered a lot of ground. With photos from the North Pole to Antarctica and just about everywhere in between–they’ve even traveled to the stratosphere.  [Read more…]

Mount Your Camera Anywhere with This DIY Flexible Camera Mount


Tripods are great, but not always convenient to carry with you.  GorillaPods and other articulated camera mounts are wonderful, but they can get kind of costly.  What if there was a device you could make yourself that replaced your traditional tripod, your GorillaPod, and your selfie stick (if you’re into that)?

DIY-er Megan Yeomans crafted an ingenious little contraption that can function as a tripod, attach your camera to almost anything, and even allow you to get those tacky selfies you’ve been dying to capture…all for as little as $8.

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Use $3.5 Tube Guards For Epic Light Painting Photography


Eric Pare (previously) just sent in this killer light painting tip. I really enjoy following Eric’s work because he is right there on the verge of science and art. This time he came up with a very clever light saber toy for light painting.

Eric is using tube guards, which are originally meant for florescent bulb protection, as a light painting medium and the results are quit epic:

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7 Tips For Taking Breathtaking Travel Portraits


If you think about taking your camera with you to your holiday, this article gives you a insight about how to get some breathtaking travel portraits. All what I am writing about are tips and tricks from my own experience, travelling the world with my camera. From preparations, equipment to talking with a stranger this post covers all basics what you need to get out and enjoy making your own travel portraits.

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