Experimental Philosopher Plans To Take 1000 Year Long Exposure Of Holyoke Mountains

1000-year-photoBe sure to mark your calendars, in the year 3015, the world’s longest exposure may or may not exist. In what may be one of the most ambitious photographs taken to date, writer/experimental philosopher/conceptual artist, Jonathon Keats, has designed and constructed a pinhole camera which he says will allow him to take a 1,000 year long exposure.

The camera is constructed from copper, which is known for resilience to corrosion. The pinhole was drilled through a 24-karat gold plate that will project the exposure onto rose madder, an organic based paint that will serve as the “film”. Keats adapted the rose madder technique from the Renaissance era–no processing is required, the image can be viewed simply by opening the camera and looking inside. [Read more…]

Comparing 7 Common Light Modifiers


When assembling a lighting kit, it’s very difficult to know which modifiers are best for the type of work you want to do, and sometimes you don’t know or are discovering what you want to shoot. There are reflectors, umbrellas, square and rectangular softboxes, octabanks and a wide variety of accessories to shape and alter the quality of light.

So how do you know what’s best for you?

In many cases you don’t. If you have no experience then you don’t have any preferences formed and most of the tech talk is of no use to you and makes little sense. One person’s preference may not at all be what you like and it may not work within your budget.

I’ve chosen 7 common light modifiers of varying sizes and shapes, and I’m using modifiers that are , for the most part, inexpensive. Nothing very small and nothing terribly large. This is not an in-depth review, nor is it a light modifier showdown.

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Photojournalist Pushed To Ground; Reuters Reporter Detained During Night Of Unrest In Baltimore

giordanno 1

Photojournalist, J.M. Giordano, during an encounter with the Baltimore Police Department

Saturday night, huge crowds of protesters converged on the streets of Baltimore to protest the death of Freddie Gray, a black male who sustained life ending injuries during an arrest made by the Baltimore City Police Department on April 12th. Like many similar protests that have taken place in recent months, the protest began as a peaceful assembly before pockets of violence began breaking out.

During one particular standoff, in which protesters were reportedly throwing rocks at the riot gear clad officers, the police announced the assembly was no longer peaceful and ordered the protesters to leave the area. According to the Baltimore Sun, the police made an announcement that went “something like, ‘This is no longer a legal assembly. This is no longer a peaceful protest,'” just before they backed off, creating a wider distance between the officers and the protesters. [Read more…]

Outland: Photographing The Derelict Fringes Of South Africa

roger-ballen1Roger Ballen, talented New York based photographer, has dedicated many years of his life travelling to some of the most interesting fringes to explore South African culture and lifestyle. Ballen has hand selected 45 of the most powerful images from his journey to include in his new photo essay titled “Outland“.

During an interview with Ballen, he explained his approach to the photographs was not documentary photography in it’s traditional form, rather, the photographer said:

“I started to work with the subjects in a theatrical, performative way. I was there to transform reality.”

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I Am A Photographer, Not A Tog, Clicker Or Snapper


Ok.. for start, I am a photographer, not a tog, clicker, snapper, pho-tog, GWC or any other title that seems to be coming a frequent addition to the online forum lexicon. I am not sure why these terms wind me up so much but they do, and I think it has more to do with the way people use them. Nothing winds me up more than photographers referring to each other or even clients using these terms.

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Gorgeous Photos From Bulgaria’s Dark Underworld


A perennial favorite, Rebecca Litchfield, never fails to impress us with her beautifully crafted photos, and the collection she has just published from a recent trip to Bulgaria is no exception. On the second day of her travels to Buzludzha, Bulgaria, the skies opened up and dropped a foot of snow, providing the perfect prop for her photoshoot with model, Dorina Georgieva, at the former communist monument. [Read more…]

How To Build A Raspberry PI Action Cam


You know how action camera like the GoPro or Yi Camera are never quite what you wanted? Connor Yamada experimented with a GoPro but wanted to build a camera that would be a tight fit for his needs –  a cheaper, open-source, and biking-centric action camera. (And to also have Long battery life; Wireless communication and a Simple, durable enclosure)

While the project is not completely off the shelf one, Connor made sure that anybody with access to a 3D printer and soldering iron, can build this project.

The camera is based on the Raspberry Pi Model A+ connected to a 5MP PI Camera and gets wireless access via an Edimax nano adapter. For power Connor added a small 2000mAh battery and a Lipo Charger board.

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About Patents, Design Patents and DIY Mockups


There is a thread on r/photography noting that posts were taken down from DIYP, FStoppers and Petapixel. The thread tells that a letter was sent to Petapixel (which PP shared) asking them to take a post down.  Here at DIYP we got a similar letter.

I can assume that Josh (who is the author of the article) and Fstoppers got similar letters. I mean, why send a letter to only one of the places where certain info is published, right?

The main concern or anger can we the fact that the post was taken down and that DIY info should be with the masses, I mean, no one that has the time (and probably not the money) to make a product would buy it, right? That’s what I think too. This brings us to the issue of…

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